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RTW Overview

Vistasource RTW is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that enables you to obtain, manipulate and publish real-time financial data using multiple data sources.

Currently supported data sources include Reuters RMDS SFC and RMDS RFA, Bloomberg, Marketfeed, web-based data (e.g. Yahoo!), pre-recorded data for Playback engine (mktdemo, for testing) as well as any data source that provides a C or C++ API and for which a custom engine can be built using the Vistasource RTW Toolkit. For more information regarding the RTW Toolkit, please contact Vistasource at

For detailed help regarding the RTW engines, click on the appropriate link below:

RTW can also integrate directly with custom COM-aware applications written in Visual Basic, C++, Java, etc using the Vistasource RTW COM Interface.

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In Microsoft Excel, select Vistasource → Help → About to display a dialog containing the revision number for the installed RTW release, buttons for reading the license agreement and the release notes as well as the Vistasource address and contact information.