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Record Info

Select Vistasource → Info → Record Info to view the current values of all valid fields (FIDs) for a given record (RIC) from any available DDS (Data Distribution Server). You can access all available engines from one Record Information dialog box.


Select the engine you would like to use to get the record information. You will have access to all engines you have currently installed and licensed.


Select a service from the Service pull-down menu. For Bloomberg, this references Record Type.


Type the name of the record (RIC) for which you want to retrieve values in the Record (RIC) entry field.

Session (RMDS RFA engine only)

When not using the default session, select a session name from the list (see RTW RMDS (RFA) Engine for more information).

Market Sector (Bloomberg engine only)

Choose the sector of the record you specified, e.g. Equity, Curncy.

Get Record

This button is available when engine, service and record have been specified. Click this button to get the record information.