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-{{:rtw_4.5:cog.jpg?direct&|}}   +{{:rtw_4.5:flat-rtshare-rtw.png?​direct|}} 
-====== Version 4.5 ======+====== ​RTW & RTSHARE ​Version 4.5 ======
-  +=====Overview=====
-This release of Vistasource RTW, v. 4.5 also includes our new data sharing add-in RTSHARE, ​+
 +This release of Vistasource RTW 4.5 includes RTW, an add-in for Microsoft Excel(r) and our new data sharing product RTSHARE (Beta).
 +RTW enables you to obtain, manipulate and publish real-time financial data using multiple data sources, while RTSHARE allows you to transmit Microsoft Excel(r) cell data to multiple users in real-time. ​
-Vistasource ​RTW is an add-in for Microsoft(r) Excel that enables you to obtainmanipulate ​and publish real-time financial data using multiple data sources.+For more information regarding these products, see [[rtw_overview|RTW]] [[rtw_com_interface|RTW COM Interface]] ​and [[rtshare_overview|RTSHARE]]. 
 +For a list of new features, fixed and known issues, consult the [[rtw_4.5:​Release Notes]]. A copy of the Release Notes is located in the installation directory or can be accessed by clicking on the button Release Notes in the About Vistasource RTW dialog box.
-RTW can also integrate directly with custom COM-aware applications written in Visual Basic, C++, Java, etc. For more information about the RTW COM Interfacesee the [[com_interface_guide|Vistasource RTW COM Interface Guide]] located in the installation directory.+For news and information about Vistasource Inc. and its line of productsvisit our website at ​\\ ​ \\  ​
-{{ rtw_4.3:​rtw_ribbon.jpg?​direct&​600 |}}+=====Help System=====
-  +This help system uses [[​dokuwiki|Dokuwiki]] and is intended ​for users and system administratorsThe content is regularly updated to describe functional changes and improvements
-Currently supported data sources include: + 
-  +See also the information on [[convention_and_navigation|conventions ​and navigation]] used throughout ​the help.
-  * Reuters RMDS ([[rtw_rmds_sfc_engine|vsRMDS - SFC]] or [[rtw_rmds_rfa_engine|vsRMDS2 – RFA engines]]) +
-  * Bloomberg ([[rtw_bloomberg_engine|axbloom engine]]) +
-  * Marketfeed ([[rtw_netfeed_engine|vsnf engine]]) +
-  * Web-Based data, e.gYahoo! ([[rtw_webdata_engine|rthttp engine]]+
-  * Pre-recorded data for Playback engine (mktdemo, for testing) +
-  * Any data source that provides a C or C++ API and for which a custom engine can be built using the Vistasource RTW ToolkitFor more information regarding the RTW Toolkit, please contact Vistasource at [[]]+
-  +
-Please consult ​the [[rtw_4.5:​Release Notes]] for a list of new features, fixed and known issues. The [[rtw_4.5:​Release Notes]] can be found in the installation directory or by clicking on the button Release Notes in the About Vistasource RTW dialog box. +
-  +
-For news and information about Vistasource Inc. and its line of products, visit our website at You can also subscribe to our newsletter from this site\\  \\  ​+
 +This help system is divided into the following sections:
 +**General** provides generic product information.
-===== Popular Words ===== +**Getting Started** provides information about [[rtw_4.5:​system requirements]],​ [[rtw_4.5:​installation]],​ [[rtw_4.5:​obtain_a_product_key| obtaining a product key]] and [[rtw_4.5:​troubleshooting]] of RTW, the RTW engines and RTSHARE. The Online Licensing Tool is described in further detail under [[rtw_4.5:​obtain_a product_key#​VSLIC]].
-\\    +**RTW** provides generic RTW help as well as a quick access to information about the User Interface options. The options available depend on your installation. If an option is not applicable to your installation,​ it will appear greyed out. In addition, some options are only available when an engine is running or RTSHARE client is in use. 
-===== Popular Searches =====+
-~~SEARCHCLOUD~~+**RTW Engine-specific Help** provides more detailed information about the RTW engines, their setup and configuration as well as working with the engines. Click below to access the appropriate engine help:
 +  * [[rmds_rfa_engine_overview|RTW RMDS (RFA) Engine]]\\
 +  * [[rmds_sfc_engine_overview|RTW RMDS (SFC) Engine]]\\
 +  * [[bloomberg_engine_overview|RTW Bloomberg Engine]]\\
 +  * [[netfeed_engine_overview|RTW Netfeed Engine]]\\
 +  * [[webdata_engine_overview|RTW WebData Engine]]\\
 +**RTW COM Interface Help** provides information about working with the [[rtw_com_interface|RTW COM Interface]].
 +**RTSHARE Help** provides information about setup, configuration and functionality of [[rtshare_overview|RTSHARE]].