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RTW & RTSHARE Version 4.5


This release of Vistasource RTW 4.5 includes RTW, an add-in for Microsoft Excel® and our new data sharing product RTSHARE (Beta).

RTW enables you to obtain, manipulate and publish real-time financial data using multiple data sources, while RTSHARE allows you to transmit Microsoft Excel® cell data to multiple users in real-time.

For more information regarding these products, see RTW , RTW COM Interface and RTSHARE.

For a list of new features, fixed and known issues, consult the Release Notes. A copy of the Release Notes is located in the installation directory or can be accessed by clicking on the button Release Notes in the About Vistasource RTW dialog box.

For news and information about Vistasource Inc. and its line of products, visit our website at

Help System

This help system uses Dokuwiki and is intended for users and system administrators. The content is regularly updated to describe functional changes and improvements.

See also the information on conventions and navigation used throughout the help.

This help system is divided into the following sections:

General provides generic product information.

Getting Started provides information about system requirements, installation, obtaining a product key and troubleshooting of RTW, the RTW engines and RTSHARE. The Online Licensing Tool is described in further detail under VSLIC.

RTW provides generic RTW help as well as a quick access to information about the User Interface options. The options available depend on your installation. If an option is not applicable to your installation, it will appear greyed out. In addition, some options are only available when an engine is running or RTSHARE client is in use.

RTW Engine-specific Help provides more detailed information about the RTW engines, their setup and configuration as well as working with the engines. Click below to access the appropriate engine help:

RTW COM Interface Help provides information about working with the RTW COM Interface.

RTSHARE Help provides information about setup, configuration and functionality of RTSHARE.