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RTSHARE Overview (Beta)

Vistasource RTSHARE allows you to transmit Microsoft Excel® cell data between multiple users in real-time.

RTSHARE does not require a central server or database, instead you can create a mesh network of Excel cell data between users by setting up a flexible setup of RTSHARE server and client machines.

While the RTSHARE clients request or insert the value of cells in an Excel worksheet, the RTSHARE server process facilitates the transmission of data between the RTSHARE clients.

For more information about installing, setting up and working with RTSHARE, see:


RTSHARE uses Excel's RTD technology, the RTW COM Interface and the TCP/IP protocols to assure robust real-time data communication. RTSHARE does not use obsolete DDE connections, DCOM, or windows shares.

RTSHARE does not require or connect to data vendor API's.


Currently RTSHARE users can connect to each other if they are:

  • on a local network
  • on a VPN
  • on DMZ's (not recommended)

Connection via routers and NAT will be added in a future version.


The update speed of live data between two workbooks on the same machine can be within tens of microseconds. With workbooks on separate machines, the speed will depend on the quality of the network link.


RTSHARE includes optional per-user permissioning functions in order to secure the data being shared.