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Release Notes

Version 4.5 Build 334
July 2, 2013


This document contains important information about the Vistasource RTW 4.5 release. Please read these release notes before installing any RTW components or RTSHARE (Beta).

For specific information, see:

Enhancements and Changes in RTW 4.5

The following list provides an overview of new or updated features in Vistasource RTW, Version 4.5 since the Vistasource RTW 4.4 release:

  • New data sharing product RTSHARE added to RTW products (Beta)
  • RTW and RTSHARE are now Windows 7 compatible
  • Ripple fields functionality added to RTW RMDS RFA engine
  • Field name translations added to RTW RMDS RFA engine
  • Field lists now automatically populate when using RTW RMDS RFA dialogs
  • Online Licensing Tool has been enhanced
  • Installer has been updated
  • Online documentation has been updated

Fixed Issues in RTW 4.5

  • In Windows 7, the default location for all trace files and sw options files is now %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Vistasource\RTW\. (7006022)
  • In Windows 7, the default location for the sfcapi.conf file (RTW RMDS SFC engine) is now in %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Vistasource\RTW\. (7006095)
  • In Windows 7, the default location for the RFA-example.cfg (RTW RMDS RFA engine) is now in %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Vistasource\RTW\. (7005813, 7005812, 7005811)
  • An error in the RFA-Example.cfg has been corrected. (7005817)
  • Session names (RMDS RFA engine) are now properly displayed in the dialogs when using flat files. (7005814)
  • Manual install of add-ins no longer causes “Runtime error '91' object variable or With block variable not set.” (7006206)
  • A README for installing the mktdemo engine has been added. The file is located in the Samples\Playback folder in the install directory and here. (7005908)

Enhancements and Changes in Previous Releases

The following list provides an overview of new or updated features in Vistasource RTW, Version 4.4 since the Vistasource RealTime for Windows 4.0.1 release:

  • Enhanced status window provides detailed information about the status of RTW and the installed engine(s).
  • Menu option License Management now launches vslic.exe for online licensing.
  • Documentation and online help now available in wiki format via RTW and web browser.
  • In RTW RMDS (RFA), the RFA Configuration Editor now offers an interface for editing RFA configuration files, in addition to the Windows registry.
  • In RTW RMDS (RFA), the RFA Configuration Editor now displays warnings when there are unsaved changes.
  • RTW RMDS (RFA) is upgraded to latest RFA libraries, RFA C++ API 7.
  • RTW RMDS (SFC) is upgraded to latest SFC API libraries, SFC C++ 4.6 (L1).
  • New wrapper functions are available for easier formula input.
  • New menu option License Management added to run LMtools for licensing tasks.
  • Minor release number now added to Help About window.
  • LMUTIL.EXE now supplied.
  • Engine-specific User Guides now available replacing separate RTW User and RTW Administration guides.
  • New RTW RMDS (RFA) engine using the Reuters Foundation API (RFA).
  • Easy migration steps from Thomson Reuters PowerPlus Pro to RTW RMDS (RFA).
  • New RTW Netfeed engine for subscribing to Marketfeed data via the Netfeed System as provided by Datacode Inc.
  • New user interface for Microsoft Excel 2007 and 2010 with the Vistasource ribbon.
  • New comprehensive configuration editor for setting configuration options for RTW and the RTW engines via a tabbed dialog.
  • Updated Online help, RTW User, RTW Administration and RTW COM Interface Guides.

Additionally, the following list provides an overview of added or updated features since the RealTime for Windows 3.5 release:

  • MS Excel 2007 is now fully supported. (7005016)
  • RTW COM Server is now Digitally Signed. (7005025)
  • Real-time data is provided using Excel's RTD function which is available in MS Excel 2002 or later. The Vistasource RTS function has been removed.
  • The Vistasource “helper functions” (ATTRS, INDICATOR, etc) have been removed.
  • Support of SFC API 4.5.1 L3 for RMDS Engine which fixes the following SFC issues:

    Previously, RV Connection disconnected when DACS connection is down. In this release, RV connection will no longer be disconnected and the user can continue to subscribe (bad line break) data using the existing user profile until DACS connection is recovered. After that, the user's permission will be re-checked by SFC. Furthermore, new configuration parameters, stopSubscriptionWhenDACSDowns and stopPublicationWhenDACSDowns, are provided to stop subscribing from or publishing any data to TIC/RTIC when DACS connection is down. The default value for both new configurations is False, i.e. when DACS connection is down, applications are still able to subscribe or publish the data, which is the same behavior like previous version (4.4.4). Otherwise, changing the configuration to True, SFC will have the same behavior like previous versions (4.5, 4.4.5). (SR 1- 1503778370) (sfc1905)(7004323)

    SFC publisher no longer crashes when it publishes an additional partial field for the second time using the indicateSync(), indicateResyncComplete() or indicateUpdateComplete() method. (SR#1-1623414144) (sfc1923)(7004731)

Fixed Issues in Previous Releases

RTW 4.4
  • RTW Wrapper function RTS_{engine} no longer causes MS Excel 2007 to hang when using cell references. (7005706)
  • Upgraded lmtools.exe and lmgrd.exe to support running the license server as a service on 64-bit Windows 7. (7005312)
  • RTW RMDS RFA engine now includes better error handling in cases of RFA misconfiguration. (7005701)
  • In RTW RMDS RFA, when using a flat file in the RFA Config editor, a change to an existing named component (connection, data dictionary, service, service group, or session) now correctly updates the component. (7005702)
RTW 4.3
  • The 'rt' and 'rtinsert' commands now support passing fields as a range. (7005528)
  • In versions of Excel prior to 2007, the Vistasource menu item mnemonic has been fixed to allow for proper keyboard navigation. (7005530)
  • The Rtconfig Editor no longer appends unnecessary WebData entries to the rtconfig file when the RTW WebData engine is not installed. In addition, RTW will no longer crash if there are more than the maximum allowed WebData entries in the rtconfig file. (7005540, 7005541)
  • When the rtDateTimeAsString option is set to zero (0), date/time fields will now correctly display in the Record Info dialog box. (7005601)
  • When the rtDateTimeAsString option is set to zero (0), July dates will now be correctly interpreted. (7005599)
  • When the rtDateTimeAsString option is set to zero (0), the RTW RMDS (SFC) engine no longer crashes on certain date fields. (7005659)
RTW 4.2
  • Date now displays correctly in numeric format, when “rtDateTimeAsString” is set to 0 (Zero). (7005457)
  • Fixed memory leak in RTW wrapper function PARSE_DATA. (7005463)
  • Fixed issue when adding fields to an existing record while using the RTW RMDS (SFC) Engine with TIB Implementation. (7004630)

System Requirements and Platform Support

Before You Install

When upgrading from Vistasource RTW 4.4 and earlier to RTW 4.5, you must uninstall your version of RTW completely before installing RTW 4.5. The RTW 4.5 installer has been upgraded and is no longer compatible with previous versions of RTW. To uninstall the previous version of RTW, use the Windows Uninstall option from the Control Panel.

RTW RMDS (RFA) and (SFC) Engines: Prior to using the RTW RMDS (RFA) or (SFC) engines, you must have all the required DDS (Data Distribution System) software licensed and installed on the client for proper DDS connectivity before installing Vistasource RTW.

RTW Bloomberg Engine: Prior to using the RTW Bloomberg engine, you must have all the required DDS (Data Distribution System) software licensed and installed on the client for proper DDS connectivity before installing Vistasource RTW.

RTW Netfeed Engine: Prior to using the RTW WebData engine, you must have a login into the Netfeed DDS (Data Distribution System) by Datacode, Inc. You can purchase a Marketfeed Data Subscription at

RTW WebData Engine: Prior to using the RTW WebData engine, you must have access to a web-based data source that supports the downloading of data in CSV format over the Internet, e.g. Yahoo Finance Service®.

RTW Pre-Recorded Playback Engine: Does not require any DDS (Data Distribution System) software installed.

Software License Terms


For the most current information regarding the installation of RTW and the RTW engines, the FLEXlm license server, and RTSHARE, see:


For the most current information regarding licensing and how to obtain a license key, see:

Issues and Workarounds


In Windows XP, if the user does not have administrator privileges, see For Users without Administrative Privileges in Windows XP before proceeding.


In the installer, the required space is listed at 2.27 MB without any features selected. This is due to the size of InstallShield files necessary for maintenance installations and uninstallations.


In Windows 7, if accessing the online licensing tool VSLIC directly from the install directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Vistasource\RTW\4.5 ) it must be run as Administrator. To do so, right-click on the application named “vslic” and select Run as Administrator.


In the RTW RMDS RFA engine, if the error “Failure, convertPermissionStructureToAccessLock()” occurs, the following must be done per Reuters documentation:
Disable dacs_GenerateLocks in the RFA configuration to prevent RFA from performing this conversion.“dacs_GenerateLocks”=“False”
Disabling dacs_GenerateLocks has no major impact on subscriber applications. If this parameter is set to false, RFA will not create the DACS Lock. Instead, the DACS Lock is created from either the service ID or service name.


If using the registry for your RTW RMDS RFA configuration, the entries need to be listed under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Wow6432Node, not HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE.


When configuring the RTW RMDS SFC engine, the sslapi.cnf file may be falsely identified as a shortcut file when using the browse function in the rtconfig editor. The error “Cannot resolve this ink, This file may not be a shortcut” points to a known Microsoft issue. Two workarounds exist:
a) Remove the association between the cnf files and the MS software. In Windows 7, go to Start→Default Programs→Associate a file type or protocol with a program, look for cfg. Highlight and either edit and associate it with wordpad or remove the entry. In Windows XP, go to Control Panel →Folder Options→Files Types and look for cfg. Highlight and either edit and associate it with wordpad or remove the entry.
b) Type the filename either in the Browse dialog or directly in the rtconfig editor.

7005871, 5012624

When configuring the RTW RMDS SFC engine, ipcroute file is no longer required. However, for installations with a legacy icproute file, when creating an ipcroute file using an ASCII text editor, you must an empy blank line at the bottom of the file, otherwise the SSL connection may fail.


When inserting values with the wrapper function RTINSERT, RTINSERT_RFA, RTINSERT_SFC or RTINSERT_SHARE, the output cell may show an initial #N/A, This is intrinsic to how an RTD server works, data is not dropped. As soon as the actual value is available, OK is displayed, indicating that the insert was successful. For more information see:

7006014, 7006015

If only RTSHARE Client is install, the options Record Info, Monitor Watchlist and Stop/Restart Engines in the Vistasource RTSHARE ribbon menu are not available and greyed out.


In RTSHARE, the permission settings on records are stored in the registry. When uninstalling RTSHARE, (e.g. to perform an upgrade), these permission settings will be removed from the registry. It is therefore recommended to backup these settings before doing a software upgrade.


In RTSHARE, if the RTSHARE Server gets manually stopped by an administrator a prior warning is not sent to the RTSHARE Clients.


In RTSHARE, in the Quick Request and Insert dialogs, the record list in the drop down reflects the order in which the records were appended. There is currently no sorting function.


In RTSHARE, if you select Query Network in the RTSHARE dialogs for hosts, all hosts in the network will be displayed regardless if they have RTSHARE servers running or not.


Due to a security update released by Microsoft for Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, and 2010 which updates the Common control library mscomctl.ocx, users may encounter error messages such as “Could not load some objects because they are not available on this machine” and “Could not load an object because it’s not available on this machine”. Microsoft has acknowledged problems with their security update (MS12-060). Although Microsoft provided a solution in its Microsoft's Knowledge Base articles (KB2597996 Office 2010, KB2687441 Office 2007, KB2687323 Office 2003), it does not resolve the issue as it is missing a step because of legacy registry entries that are not properly removed. Here are the required steps to resolving this issue (Note: You need Administrator rights to make registry changes):

  1. From your Windows Start button under, All Programs, Accessories, launch the Command Prompt by right clicking on it and choosing “Run as administrator”.
  2. For 32 Bit Windows:
    1. Unregister the current OCX file. Open an instance of the Windows Command Prompt, paste the following command, and press <Enter>: Regsvr32.exe /u C:\Windows\System32\MSCOMCTL.OCX
    2. Make a backup of the OCX file C:\Windows\System32\MSCOMCTL.OCX to C:\Windows\System32\MSCOMCTL.bak
    3. Copy a legacy version of the MSCOMCTL.OCX file to your C:\Windows\System32 folder.
    4. Register this legacy OCX file with the following command: Regsvr32.exe C:\Windows\System32\MSCOMCTL.OCX
    5. Unregister this legacy version of the OCX file: Regsvr32.exe /u C:\Windows\System32\MSCOMCTL.OCX
    6. Delete the legacy OCX file: C:\Windows\System32\MSCOMCTL.OCX
    7. Rename the new OCX file we renamed in step 2, back to its original name: C:\Windows\System32\MSCOMCTL.bak to C:\Windows\System32\MSCOMCTL.OCX
    8. Re-register the new version of the OCX file. Paste the following command and press <Enter>: Regsvr32.exe C:\Windows\System32\MSCOMCTL.OCX
    9. Reboot the computer.


In RTSHARE, a user must be logged into the RTSHARE Server machine for RTSHARE to startup, otherwise users on RTSHARE Client machines will receive the error “No response from 'hostname'.”


In RTSHARE, when using the Modify feature in the installer to add RTW components, make sure no RTW processes are running, including the RTSHARE Server. Otherwise unexpected behavior will occur.


In RTSHARE, on a RTSHARE server machine, right-clicking on the task bar icon displays a menu. The options Online Help and About are placeholders. For the Online help, click


For users of both RTSHARE Client and VPN, if vpn gets disconnected, the rtshare client may also disconnect. If this occurs, simply choose to reconnect in the message that displays.


RTSHARE users can connect to each other if they are:

  • on a local network
  • on a VPN
  • on DMZ's (not recommended)

Connection via routers and NAT will be added in a future version.


When working in Office 2007 with RTW installed, opening an older MS Word document (created in versions prior to Office 2007) with an embedded Excel object box and trying to edit the Excel object box may cause an error whereby the Excel object box does not open and MS Office subsequently tries to repair the software. If you go through the repair process and then open Excel again, you may get the errors “System Error &H80040111 (-2147221231). ClassFactory cannot supply requested”, “Out of Memory ,” and “Compile error in hidden module: AutoMacros”. To fix the issue, repair or reinstall RTW.


When upgrading from RTW 4.2 to RTW 4.3 or higher and installing the RTW RMDS (RFA) engine, references to RFA libraries in the RFA configuration file must be updated to version 7, which is the RFA version used by RTW 4.3 and higher. See Configuration in the RTW RMDS (RFA) help for more information about migration.


When configuring the RTW RMDS (RFA) engine, please note that Vistasource provides two RFA sample files, a sample registry file called RFA-example.reg and a sample flat file called RFA-example.cfg. These files contain various settings typical for both SSL and TIB infrastructures. Depending on your specific configuration, you may need to edit these files. See Configuration in the RTW RMDS (SFC) help for more details on how to edit these files.

5013420, 5013402

When configuring the RTW RMDS (SFC) engine, please note that Vistasource provides a sample file called sfcapi.conf in the installation directory. This file contains various settings typical for both SSL and TIB infrastructures. Depending on your specific configuration, you may need to merge this sfcapi.conf file with an already existing file on your system. See Configuration in the RTW RMDS (SFC) help for more details on how to edit these files. Furthermore, we strongly recommend that you consult the Reuters manual for more information regarding the Reuters file sslapi.cnf.


When using the RFA Configuration Editor with flat files, the Message Box parameters are saved to the registry, not the flat file (as per RFA rules).


If you uninstall any third-party software that provides an RTD server, you may need to run the Microsoft Excel install program again and select Repair, otherwise RTW will not function properly.


Vistasource RTW installs only for the current user. If other users log into the same machine and want to use RTW, they will need to install our Add-Ins manually.


For PARSE_DATA to work properly, the “Decimal separator” in Microsoft Excel needs to be set to “.” (period), and the “Thousands separator” needs to be set to “,” (comma).


When choosing to use array formulas in the Quick Quote or Quote Wizard, the orientation “vertical” is not available.


The maximum number of Services available in the “Service” control in the dialog boxes is set to 64 for the Reuters and custom engines.


Bloomberg bulk data is currently not supported for return strings greater than 255 characters.


When using Quote Table as an array function, the selected fields must be valid, otherwise the whole quote table fills in as #VALUE (all engines).


When running the License Manager on Windows 2003, the license server may not start, giving the error: System Error: 10035 “WinSock: Operation would block” In addition, attempts to access the System Settings tab in LMTOOLS would cause the utility to crash. The cause of the issue was related to the DEP feature in Windows 2003, which prevents the applications from functioning correctly. By adding all FLEXlm executables (lmgrd.exe, lmtools.exe, lmutil.exe, and the license daemon vistasrc.exe) to the DEP exception list, the problem was resolved. To do this:

  1. Click Start, then right-click on My Computer and choose Properties.
  2. Click the Advanced tab.
  3. Under the Performance section, click the Settings button.
  4. Click the Data Execution Prevention tab.
  5. Click the Add… button and browse to each of the applications, adding all of them to the list.

Other causes of the Winsock 10035 error may be related to ports being blocked by the system firewall, or an incorrect license file (server name/host ID do not match).


If the RTW Netfeed engine is not configured for automatic login, the engine will fail when it is stopped and restarted. To configure the engine for automatic login, either set the user name and password on the Netfeed tab of the RTW Rtconfig Editor dialog, or manually set the “nf_User” and “nf_Password” options in the rtconfig file. See Configuration in the RTW Netfeed help for more details for more information.


When migrating from Reuters PowerPlus Pro to RTW RMDS RFA, you need to do one of the following steps: Add a line in the RFA-sample.cfg file: \Sessions\RTWSession\connectionList = “Connection_XTRA_SSLED”, or alternatively, edit the RMDS (RFA) default session in the rtconfig file: rmds2_DefaultSession:XtraSession. For more information regarding migration, see Configuration in the RTW RMDS (RFA) help for more details.

7005380, 7005383

When configuring RTW RMDS RFA, the serverList value cannot be empty. If empty or improperly set, an “RFA Internal Failure” error will occur. See Configuration in the RTW RMDS (RFA) help for more details.


When using RTW RMDS RFA engine with SASS3, the SubscriberRV, PublisherRV and ContributerRV settings must have a value if they exist in the registry or in the flat file for RMDS RFA configuration.


The Favorites dialog box should re-sort file when user closes this dialog box. Currently it only re-sorts file when user clicks UPDATE button.


Excel Spreadsheet stops update when in VBA design mode. If the breakpoint is in a macro which is called by DDE, then the update will stop. A work around exists by unloading the add-in and reloading them during the same session or exit MS Excel and restart.


In RTW RMDS (SFC and RFA), the Favorites dialog box has the Field List button grayed out.


In the RTW RMDS (SFC and RFA) Quote Wizard dialog box, Step 4, the Record selection is gray, because RMDS does not list all FIDs for a specific Record.


If you publish and subscribe in a sheet, change the Update Rate to 30 sec (or any other value), and then change the data value for publishing, the software waits 30 seconds (or other selected value) while publish cell displays #N/A before it published and the cell changes to OK.