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Quote Table

Select Vistasource → [Engine name] → Quote Table to create RTD formulas that reference record and field names in your spreadsheet. Accordingly, this option relies on a spreadsheet which includes record names in a column and field names in a row.

Organize your spreadsheet with record names in a column and field names in an adjacent row. Select Vistasource → [Engine name] → Quote Table to display the dialog box RTW [Engine name] Quote Table.

This dialog box contains the following options:

Cell Range

Enter the cell range for your table. Cells can be selected directly in the worksheet without having to type their reference by clicking on the icon next to the entry field. The desired range can also be selected before launching the dialog box.

Build As Array Formula

A single RTD array formula can be created which returns values for all the fields of the record. Each record will have its own RTD formula. Turn this option off to create individual formulas for each field.

If Build as Array Formula is selected, a wrapper function PARSE_DATA is used. For more information on PARSE_DATA, see RTW Functions. To edit an array formula, select the entire output range, place the cursor in the edit line, edit, and then press Ctrl-Shift-Return. If an attempt is made to edit a single cell in the range, a message box displays indicating that the cell cannot be edited, because it is the output of an array formula.


Select the engine, e.g. vsRMDS (RMDS SFC), vsRMDS2 (RMDS RFA), axbloom (Bloomberg), vsnf (Netfeed), rthttp (WebData).

Service/Record Type

Select the service/record type, e.g. IDN (RMDS SFC and RMDS RFA), TICKERX (Bloomberg), MARKETFEED (Netfeed), or Yahoo (WebData).

Session (RMDS RFA engine only)

When not using the default session, select a session name from the list (see RTW RMDS (RFA) Engine for more information).

Record Name Location

The record names can only reside in a column.

Use Cell Addresses for Rows/Columns

Check this option to use the cell references in the formula instead of the record and field names. This option is turned on by default, and ensures that the formula stays valid if the record or field names are changed. If this option is turned off, the actual record and field names will become part of the formula.

Click OK to insert the RTD formulas in your workbook.

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