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Convention and Navigation

Typeface Conventions and Symbols

This help system uses the following typeface conventions and symbols:

Bold type Indicates the name of fields, tabs, menus, commands, and buttons.
Indicates a sequence of actions, such as navigating to a menu option or clicking buttons in a window.
Italics Indicates path names for files or identifies placeholders inside square brackets such as [Engine name]
Text in Courier Represents text typed into a command window or a code example.

This help system contains cross-references to related topics that can be accessed with a single click on the referenced topic titles.

For demonstration purposes, this help system assumes an installation of Windows 7 and Microsoft Excel 2010.

The following conventions are used to illustrate navigation in the RTW interface: Select [tab] → [group] → [option, command, button]

For instance, to display the About dialog box with its version number and contact information, select Vistasource → Help → About.

For users of Microsoft Excel 2003, and 2007 the navigation paths are very similar; however, some very minor differences exist. For instance, to access the About dialog box in Microsoft Excel 2003, you need to select: Vistasource → About RTW.