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Select Vistasource → Updates to display the various update options which let you alter the flow of real-time data without closing the engine. You can pause and resume your data flow, and set the update rate according to your needs. You can choose to have the data updated as it changes, manually update your data, or select various intervals including custom intervals for automatic updates. Internally, this sets the Excel application option RTD.ThrottleInterval.

Manual Updates Only

Select Vistasource → Updates → Manual Updates Only to suspend automatic updates of data. Any cells containing real-time formulas display the value that was current when you chose this option, but the values no longer continue to update automatically.

If you want to restart automatic updates, choose one of the other update rate options such as As Data Changes.

By selecting Vistasource → Refresh Data Now you initiate a manual update of the real-time cells.

Refresh Data Now

Select Vistasource → Refresh Data Now to force a manual update when Vistasource → Updates → Manual Updates Only is selected, or when the Update Rate is 5 seconds or more. Otherwise, the option is unavailable (grayed out).

When data is paused by selecting Vistasource → Pause Data, the option Refresh Data Now is not available. Select Vistasource → Resume Data to resume the flow of real-time data once paused.


This option allows the setting of the rate in which data gets updated. It contains the following settings:

As Data Changes (Default Setting)

Select Vistasource → Updates → Rate → As Data Changes to have the engine update your data as the values change.

Update Rate (n Second Interval)

Select Vistasource → Updates → Rate → n Second Interval to update real-time values at preset intervals. n represents the number of seconds between updates. Available settings are 1, 5, 10, 30, 60 seconds.

Update Rate (Custom Interval)

Select Vistasource → Updates → Rate → Custom Interval to define a custom interval between updates. Custom intervals are measured in seconds.

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