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Subscribe RMDS (SFC)

To subscribe to real-time data with the RTW RMDS (SFC) engine, the menu options Quote Wizard, Quick Quote, Quote Table and Chain are available.

Quote Wizard The Quote Wizard steps through the process of building an RTD formula and subscribing to data provided by the data distribution system.

Select Vistasource → RMDS (SFC) → Quote Wizard to start the Quote Wizard.

The Quote Wizard consists of a total of five screens. Each screen details the steps of building a formula, displaying the status of the formula as you build it. By choosing multiple record and field names, the Quote Wizard also allows you to create, format, and determine the layout of a “quote table.”

Quick Quote

This option provides an easy way to automatically build an RTD formula which subscribes to fields of a single record.

Select Vistasource → RMDS (SFC) → Quick Quote to create a subscribe quote. For detailed information, see Quick Quote.

Quote Table

This option allows you to create a table of RTD formulas which reference record and field names in a spreadsheet.

Select Vistasource → RMDS (SFC) → Quote Table to create a quote table. For detailed information, see Quote Table.


The RTW RMDS (SFC) Chain dialog box allows you to subscribe to groups of records of related data. Records linked within the chain are placed in consecutive cells with RTD formulas. By specifying a chain record root, the name of each record in the chain is returned. For a list of valid chains, please refer to the appropriate Reuters Services guide.

To construct a chain of data select Vistasource → RMDS (SFC) → Chain to display the RTW RMDS (SFC) Chain dialog box. For detailed information, see Chain RMDS (SFC).

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