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Publish [RMDS (SFC)]

To publish or contribute market data information, the Publish dialog can be used to create an RTD publishing formula.

Select Vistasource → RMDS (SFC) → Publish to display the RTW RMDS (SFC) Publish dialog box.

The dialog box contains the following options:

Cell Range

Enter a start cell for the formula’s output, by default the current cell is selected. To select a cell directly in the worksheet without having to type its reference, click on the icon next to the entry field.

Data Range

Enter the cell reference or range of the data to be published. Select cells directly in the worksheet without having to type their reference by clicking on the icon next to the entry field.


The engine name is vsRMDS

Form Class Num (TIB implementation only)

Enter the form class number of the insert service, if using a TIB implementation with QFORM data. You can publish only to the fields defined for this particular form class. However, if you publish to a field that is not part of the form class, an error is not generated, because the field might be a valid entry in the data dictionary. If you specify 0 (zero) for the form class number, then the Marketfeed data format will be used for publishing.


Select the service, e.g. RSF, IDN.

Record Name

Enter the record name you want to publish, e.g. RSF.REC.MSFT.O, YHOO.O. Note: When publishing market data (as opposed to contributing), the record name must be a four-part subject name.

Fields to Publish

Enter the names of the fields you want to publish. Press RETURN or click the Add Field button after each field name to add the field to the list box.

Remove Selected Field

Remove fields by selecting a field and then clicking on the option button.

Up and Down Arrows (Icons)

Rearrange the order of the fields by clicking on one and moving it with the arrows.

Field List

The RTW RMDS (SFC) Field List dialog box displays all valid fields for the specified record. Select the field you are interested in from the Available Fields list box and click Add. The field name is added to the Selected Fields list box. To remove a field name, select the field and click Remove. After you have selected all the fields you want to subscribe, click OK to return the list of fields to the RTW RMDS (SFC) Publish dialog box.

Add to Favorites

Add frequently used records to a list of favorites by selecting a record and clicking the Add Favorites button. To check what records have been added in past and current sessions, click View Favorites to access the RTW RMDS (SFC) Records - Favorites List. See Favorites (RMDS SFC) for more information on adding, deleting and updating this list.

Click OK in the RTW RMDS (SFC) Publish dialog box to insert the publish formula in your workbook.

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