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The PARSE_BULK function allows you to parse bulk data from the Bloomberg data distribution system that is retrieved via an RTD function. In Bloomberg, the bulk format data type is used to return multi-element or multi-dimensional data. The function PARSE_BULK in conjunction with an RTD array formula will display the bulk data in a user-friendly format instead of presenting the data as one string in a cell.

To edit an array formula, you need to select the entire output range, place the cursor in the edit line, make your edits and then press Ctrl-Shift-Return. If you attempt to edit a single cell in the range, a message box displays telling you that you cannot edit the cell because it is the output of an array formula.

The formula has the following syntax:

=PARSE_BULK(RTD( “Vistasource.RTDServer”,,“rt”,Engine,Record Type,Record,Field))

where the individual arguments have the following meaning:


The name of the Bloomberg engine, axbloom.

Record Type

The type of record type, e.g. TICKERX.


The name of the record.


The name of the bulk data field.


The following formula returns the bulk data for the index members of the FTSE-100 index from the Bloomberg engine with the record type TICKERX and updates the values as they change.

=PARSE_BULK(RTD("vistasource.rtdserver",,"rt","axbloom","TICKERX","UKX Index","INDX_MEMBERS"))
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