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Modify Favorites [RMDS (SFC)]

The RTW RMDS (SFC) Favorites List dialog box allows you to add, delete, and update your list of favorite records or pages. To access this list, click View Favorites in the Quick Quote or Publish dialog boxes, or select the dialog box launcher in the Vistasource → RMDS (SFC) group.

Favorites List

Displays all the records you have previously added. Add or delete records in this list or update them by modifying the associated fields:

  • To add a record, enter the name of the record, select the fields via the entry fields on the right, and click Add.
  • To delete a record, select the record and click Delete.
  • To update a record, select the record in the Favorites List. All relevant entry fields will automatically fill in. Make your modifications and click Update.


Enter a name for the record you want to add or choose from the list of favorites to update.

Fields to Retrieve

Enter the names of the fields you want to retrieve. Click on the icon next to the entry field to display the list of available fields. Press RETURN or click the Add Field button after each field name to add the field to the list box. To remove a field, select it and click Remove Selected Field.

Up and Down Arrows

Rearrange the order of the fields by clicking on one and moving it with the arrows.

Field List

The RTW RMDS (SFC) Field List dialog box displays all valid fields for the specified record. Select the field you are interested in from the Available Fields list box and click Add. The field name is added to the Selected Fields list box. To remove a field name, select the field and click Remove.

After all fields have been created or deleted, click OK to return to the list of fields in the RTW RMDS (SFC) Favorites List dialog box.

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