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Licensing HowTo

In order to use RTW beyond the 30 day demonstration period, you must purchase a license from Vistasource, Inc.

Contact to learn about our pricing schemes.

Two methods are available for licensing RTW:


Online licensing retrieves a license using an internet connection on the machine where RTW is installed.

First, you will need a VSID, which is a unique identifier for the licenses you have purchased from Vistasource.

The default VSID is “30DAYDEMO” which will allow you to test RTW for 30 days.

The application will attempt to obtain a demo license upon installation.

A single VSID can be used to retrieve licenses for multiple machines, simplifying large scale deployment.

Please contact to obtain your VSID.

In the RTW application directory, (by default C:\Program Files\Vistasource\RTW\4.4) you will find an application named “vslic.exe”. Launch vslic.exe, enter your VSID, and click “get license”.

A license called “vista.lic” will be installed in the application directory, click “Quit” and you can proceed to use RTW.

In the unlikely event that licensing fails, please contact and supply the information in the status window of vslic.exe. Right-click in the status window and select the option “copy to clipboard”, then paste the text into your email.


Please contact to obtain your license You need one license per running engine. The license scheme takes advantage of FlexLM's “redundant servers” feature to handle unexpected failures.

Why you need a "C:" drive"

In some cases we have found that the the FLEXlm product requires a “C:” drive for its installation. If your machine does not have a “C:” drive, and you are experiencing problems with the license setup, you may need to map the “C:” drive to the drive where you want to install the product.

How to get license keys

After purchasing the desired number of licenses, the Vistasource licensing department at will issue valid license keys.

In order to create a license key, the licensing department needs the unique MAC Ethernet address of the first Ethernet network interface card of the MS Windows machine, on which you want to install the RTW product.

There are two ways to get this MAC Ethernet Address from your PC:

1. After installing RTW, execute the FLEXlm tool lmtools.exe that is located in the install directory for RTW, Version 4.4. Run lmtools.exe to start the program. You will see the dialog box “LMTOOLS by Flexera Software, Inc.”, which contains several tabs. Click on the tab “System Settings”. The MAC Ethernet address is located in the field “Ethernet Address”. Copy the number and forward it to the Vistasource licensing department.

2. If Vistasource RTW is not installed on the machine which will be the license server, you can use a DOS tool to get the MAC Ethernet address for that machine. In a DOS Shell window, run the command “ipconfig/all”. Part of the output is the Physical Address, for instance, “00-02-A5-53-C0-D4”. Next, you need to delete the hyphens between the numbers to convert the physical address in a format that can be used for creating license keys: “0002A553C0D4”

Setting up a License Server

To run Vistasource RTW and its engines as licensed products, you need to set up a license server:

  1. Launch lmtools.exe which is located in the install directory.
  2. In the “Service/License File” tab choose “Configuration using Services”.
  3. In the “Config Services” tab, type “License Server” in the field “Service Name”.
  4. Put in the path for lmgrd.exe and the license file. The lmgrd.exe is in the install directory.
  5. Put in the path to your /temp directory for the debug log and name it lmgrd_vistasrc.log.
  6. Toggle on “Use Services”
  7. Toggle on “Start Server at Power Up”
  8. Click “Save Service”.
  9. Click on the “Start/Stop/Reread” tab. Your new service should be listed.
  10. Click “Start Server”.

Setting up a License Client

1. If you start an engine and you are not licensed you will see the FLEXlm License Finder dialog box with three options:

  • Specify the License Server
  • Specify the License File
  • Select Demo Mode

2. To set up a license client, choose the option “Specify the License Server”. Another dialog box is displayed where you need to enter the Computer Name of the License Server.

3. Click on Finish to complete the procedure. The RTW status window will now display messages about starting the engine.

If you run RTW on a standalone PC or laptop, you need to set up both the license server and license client on that machine.

Remote License Server

Set the environment variable LM_LICENSE_FILE to point to the hostname of the license server machine:

The following steps are for Windows XP - these steps may differ depending on your OS.

1. Choose Control Panel → System → Advanced → Environment variables

2. Add the variable LM_LICENSE_FILE and set this to “@hostname” where hostname is the name of the machine running your License Server.

If you specifically set a port in the axlicensedat file on the license server machine you will need to include this port number in your variable setting:
e.g. LM_LICENSE_FILE=27000@hostname
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