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RTW and the RTW engines are licensed products of Vistasource, Inc.

Please ask your system administrator about your particular license agreement.

System Administrators:
For detailed information about setting up licensing, please read the Licensing HowTo document.

If you are interested in purchasing additional licenses, please contact for more information.

Select Vistasource → Help → About to display a dialog containing the revision number for the installed RTW release, buttons for reading the license agreement and the release notes as well as the Vistasource address and contact information.

Select Vistasource → License Management to display the Vistasource Online Licensing Tool dialog box. This dialog box provides details about your unique VSID and specific license status. If you are running in demo mode, the VSID will be 30DAYDEMO. For more information on using online licensing and how to obtain a unique VSID, see the Licensing HowTo document.