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Chain RMDS (SFC)

The RTW RMDS (SFC) Chain dialog box allows you to subscribe to groups of records of related data. Records linked within the chain are placed in consecutive cells with RTD formulas. By specifying a chain record root, you can return the name of each record in the chain. For a list of valid chains, please refer to the appropriate Reuters Services guide.

To construct a chain of data, select Vistasource → RMDS (SFC) → Chain to display the RTW RMDS (SFC) Chain dialog box.

The dialog box contains the following options:

Record Root

Enter the name of the record root, e.g. .FTSE, .DJI (both indexes) or .AV.O (active volume list). When using the TIB implementation, the service name and the sector “LINK” must be specified (e.g. RSF.LINK.^AV.O).

Chain Identifier

Enter the type of chain you are building, e.g. Futures, Equity Option, Money 2000. If you know the exact Record Root you may also specify 'None.'

Cell Range

Enter a start cell or a cell range for the formula output. Select cells directly in the worksheet without having to type their reference by clicking on the icon next to the entry field. In many cases you just need to enter a start cell.

Build As Array Formula

By default, an individual RTD formula will be created for each chain record. Turn this option on to create a single RTD array formula which returns values for all the records in the chain.

If Build as Array Formula is selected, a wrapper function PARSE_DATA is used. See RTW Functions for more information. To edit an array formula, select the entire output range, place the cursor in the edit line, edit, and then press Ctrl-Shift-Return. If an attempt is made to edit a single cell in the range, a message box displays indicating that the cell cannot be edited, because it is the output of an array formula.


The engine name is vsRMDS.


Select the service, e.g. IDN, RSF.

Chain Direction

The chain can only reside in Columns.

Use Cell Addresses for Rows/Columns

This option ensures that the chain setup stays valid if you change the record or field names.


As the chain is being built, any messages or errors will be displayed in this area.

Click OK to initiate the construction of the chain.

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