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Cell Status Messages

When information about a real-time value is not available, the cell displays #N/A. When a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet file containing RTD formulas is opened, all real-time values display as #N/A until the data distribution system delivers the initial value and the cells are updated.

Similarly, when editing, copying or cutting/pasting a real-time formula, the cell displays #N/A until the value of the cell changes and the cell is updated. A cell which references a cell with a #N/A status message also displays #N/A.

If a cell displays #VALUE!, the formula is incorrect. For instance, if an invalid field name is entered, the cell displays #VALUE! and the status window displays information from the data distribution system about the incorrect field name. A cell also displays #VALUE! if it references another cell which contains #VALUE! or #N/A or no data.

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