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-====== RTW RMDS (RFA) Engine ====== +
-~~NOCACHE~~ +
-  +
-The RTW RMDS (RFA) engine is based on the data-neutral,​ thread-aware Robust Foundation API (RFA) C++ Edition and provides a powerful, fast solution for users who want to subscribe, publish and contribute market data with RMDS. +
-  +
-<​note>​The RTW RMDS (RFA) Engine introduces the concept of sessions. Sessions are a way to specify the various types of RMDS connections you may have. Where appropriate,​ the RTW RMDS (RFA) dialogs will contain a Session field. If the session field is left empty (default), then the default session will be used as specified in the RTW configuration file called rtconfig. If no default session is specified in the rtconfig file, then '​RTWSession'​ is considered the default session.</​note>​ +
-  +
-See Interface Preferences for information on how to set default values for the RTW RMDS (RFA) engine dialog boxes. +
-  +
-<note important>​For information on editing the RTW RMDS (RFA) engine configuration options, see the [[rtw_4.3:​RTW RMDS RFA Guide]].</​note>​ +
-  +
-== See Also: == +
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